Pialat in Turkey

Bosphore (1964) Byzance (1964) La Corne d'Or (1964) Istanbul (1964) Maitre Galip (1964) Pehlivan (1964) On assignment Maurice Pialat and cameraman/cinematographer Willy Kurant go to Turkey, in disguise as the Lumiere brothers (less than a decade after Louis died), and send back a series of actualities, six in total. The opening trio work more in … Continue reading Pialat in Turkey

Underworld USA (1961, Samuel Fuller)

*Contains Spoilers* Underworld USA was made just after Samuel Fuller came out of his main period of Hollywood prominence and success. He’d left Fox (and a productive, supportive relationship with Darryl F Zanuck) and set up his own production company, releasing The Crimson Kimono, Verboten!  and Run of the Arrow. Underworld USA marked a return … Continue reading Underworld USA (1961, Samuel Fuller)

Near to Here: Le Proces De Jeanne D’Arc (1962, Robert Bresson)

“There are a million places to put the camera, but there is really only one.”- Ernst Lubitsch Robert Bresson’s Le Proces De Jeanne D’Arc is a film about two things; the distance between and overlapping of separate worlds, and the reconstruction of a young woman freed from myth. What’s remarkable is the clarity of these … Continue reading Near to Here: Le Proces De Jeanne D’Arc (1962, Robert Bresson)