Murder Is My Beat (1955, Edgar G Ulmer)

One day I’ll write a great essay on the theme of hypnagogic noir, a subgenre sort of my own creation and one of which I am slowly but surely beginning to trace the important defining features and themes. A few of these features and themes, ones I have already discovered, I’ll write about now in … Continue reading Murder Is My Beat (1955, Edgar G Ulmer)


The Death of Louis XIV (Albert Serra, 2016)

The Death of Louis XIV is a counter-cultural film; counter-cultural in the truest sense in that it stands in opposition to the dominant contemporary culture and its ideologies. That dominant culture is the twins or kissing cousins of the 24-hour news cycle and the American television/streaming serial drama which equally treat death as a narrative … Continue reading The Death of Louis XIV (Albert Serra, 2016)

The Phantom Light (1935, Michael Powell)

Is the battle for the recognition of the pre-Grindhouse “quota quickies” and B-cinema over? One would think so considering the posthumous (and richly deserved) attention paid by critics, film-makers and archivists to the works of directors such as Joseph H Lewis, Edgar G Ulmer, Jacques Tourneur, Samuel Fuller and the subsequent efforts from the Corman … Continue reading The Phantom Light (1935, Michael Powell)