Maine Ocean (1985, Jacques Rozier)

Our favourite films often have a habit of making us mute, of striking us dumb (to use a more old-fashioned phrase). Once the lights have come up (or the desktop player window has minimised itself) we are left wondering, with a faint sense of embarrassment and a shrug of the shoulders, whether it is enough … Continue reading Maine Ocean (1985, Jacques Rozier)

Flunky, Work Hard (1931, Mikio Naruse)

Twenty-eight minutes in length, Flunky, Work Hard is the earliest surviving work by Japanese master Mikio Naruse, made just one year after his debut. If Passing Fancy by Ozu belongs to the proletarian-focused cinema on the 1930’s, then Flunky, Work Hard belongs to that tradition too while also straddling a more experimental vein in the … Continue reading Flunky, Work Hard (1931, Mikio Naruse)