The Phantom Light (1935, Michael Powell)

Is the battle for the recognition of the pre-Grindhouse “quota quickies” and B-cinema over? One would think so considering the posthumous (and richly deserved) attention paid by critics, film-makers and archivists to the works of directors such as Joseph H Lewis, Edgar G Ulmer, Jacques Tourneur, Samuel Fuller and the subsequent efforts from the Corman … Continue reading The Phantom Light (1935, Michael Powell)

People On Sunday (Robert Siodmak and Edgar G Ulmer, 1930)

Directed by Robert Siodmak and Edgar G Ulmer, written by Curt Siodmak and Billy (or Billie) Wilder, shot by Edgar Schufftan and Fred Zinnemann, all while they were still young Berliners. People on Sunday is an act of democracy from a country about to plunge into the depths of something much darker. It is a … Continue reading People On Sunday (Robert Siodmak and Edgar G Ulmer, 1930)