Pialat in Turkey

Bosphore (1964) Byzance (1964) La Corne d'Or (1964) Istanbul (1964) Maitre Galip (1964) Pehlivan (1964) On assignment Maurice Pialat and cameraman/cinematographer Willy Kurant go to Turkey, in disguise as the Lumiere brothers (less than a decade after Louis died), and send back a series of actualities, six in total. The opening trio work more in … Continue reading Pialat in Turkey


Perhaps with the HD camera and digital projection, as we see it used now, and with the widespread use of digital 'correction' of the image, cinema finally joins the tyranny of 'perfection', the realm already inhabited by the television talk show, the prestige novel, the fashion magazine, the bourgeois pop song. A perfect, terrifying, nauseating … Continue reading CHAT SHOW CINEMA